About Us
TaxSmiths was developed and created by Samuel T. Smith Jr in 1984. Sam began his career back in high school after he taught himself how to prepare his own taxes after obtaining a part-time job as a pharmacy clerk. Realizing his love for tax preparation, after a few years learning more about it, Sam began preparing taxes for most of his family and friends. Very pleased and satisfied with his work, word instantly spread around the Freeport and surrounding areas, making Sam the local go-to-person for tax preparation. Although it was hard work and long hours preparing taxes by hand, Sam enjoyed every minute and his clients waited patiently.

In 1994, Sam’s son, Samuel T. Smith III, did some extensive research and discovered the IRS’s Electronic Filing program. Knowing this will help increase business, Sam III advised his father of this program and it instantly catapulted TaxSmiths to the next level. After purchasing tax software, Sam was able to prepare taxes, faster, better and more accurately. Living in NJ, Sam III opened his branch of TaxSmiths in Plainfield NJ making TaxSmiths a family business across state lines. After graduating from Rutgers University, Sam III continued to develop new ideas to put TaxSmiths on the map by developing the TaxSmiths webpage.

After learning from her father over the course of two tax seasons, Darah T. Smith joined the family business in 1998 opening her own branch at a second Freeport location. Starting out preparing taxes for her father to lighten his workload, Darah worked hard to develop her own identity and establish her own clientele. Being a single mom, Darah continued her education and graduated from Nassau Community College all the while holding down a full time job, taking care of two beautiful children, and making a name for herself through TaxSmiths.

In January 2009, the founder and creator of TaxSmiths, Samuel T. Smith Jr, passed away, leaving his legacy to his children Sam III and Darah to continue building his dynasty. TaxSmiths continue to thrive today with offices in Plainfield NJ run by his son Sam III and an office in Freeport run by his daughter Darah.